Damning Report Reveals RFK Jr.’s History of Alleged Sexual Assault

According to the report, Kennedy’s alleged sexual deviancy doesn’t end there. When he was still married to Richardson, he sent his friends nude photographs of women on several occasions. His friends told Vanity Fair that they believed he had taken the pictures himself, although they weren’t sure the women had consented to being photographed or having the images passed on.

In another strange texting incident, last year, Kennedy sent his friend a photo of him on vacation in Korea, holding up and pretending to eat the barbecued carcass of a dog. The picture’s metadata indicated that the photograph was taken in 2010, the same year that Kennedy was diagnosed with a brain worm, which he claims is responsible for his brain fog.

Kennedy’s reckless texting habits seemed to stump many of his friends, who knew he had political aspirations and a desire to protect his family’s name. It seems that neither of these goals could rein in the anti-vaccine conspiracy theorist, convinced that he could do whatever he wanted and get away with it.

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