How fluffy cat “demands” attention from guests delights internet

Cats often get a bad reputation and accused of being anti-sociable due to their independence, but one ragdoll feline appears to be the total opposite.

In a video recently shared to Instagram by user @lyssielooloo from Orange County, Florida, the extremely fluffy cat named Juni is seen being cuddled and cradled like a baby, basking in the attention from @lyssielooloo’s friends.

The clip begins with text overlay that reads, “Normal cats hide when people come over. This little woman demands their attention.”

Racking up 7.9 million views and over 1 million likes, the video is captioned: “If there’s an audience, she’s gonna PERFORM.”

The video highlights Juni’s love for attention, showing her comfortably lying in the arms of various people, enjoying the affection and pampering. At one point, she even jumps into a light to make sure all eyes are on her.

Juni can be seen making an effort at all times with her owner’s friends as she sits at the table with them and playfully jumps out as they pass by.

Newsweek has reached out to @lyssielooloo for comment via Instagram. We could not verify the details of the case.

This sort of behavior isn’t unusual for the breed, according to Hill’s Pet Nutrition website. The ragdoll is described to be a calm and even-tempered cat that generally does not go limp when held. They get along well with all family members and are typically not upset by changes in routine.

The Instagram video not only showcases Juni’s unique personality, but also highlights the joy that pets can bring to social gatherings. Pets like Juni can become central to the social dynamics of a household, providing entertainment and affection to owners and visitors.

The video has also sparked conversations about the nature of pet behaviors and the various ways different breeds interact with humans. While cats are often stereotyped as being aloof or solitary, Juni’s behavior is a reminder that they can also be loving and enjoy human interaction.

Instagram Users React

The viral video has garnered significant attention on social media, with viewers charmed by Juni’s relaxed demeanor and affectionate behavior. Many commenters have expressed their admiration for the fluffy feline, noting how rare it is to see a cat so openly enjoy being cradled and fussed over.

One Instagram user commented, “she can’t help it that she’s popular.”

“You just have a fluffy dog,” another user posted.

A third wrote: “She is living her best life! She is so lucky to have you as her servant!”

“The flex is having so many close friends that wants to comfort your cat as much as you do,” added a fourth user.

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Cats often get a bad reputation and accused of being anti-sociable due to their independence, but one ragdoll feline named Juni appears to be the total opposite.

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