Man’s revenge on gift-swapping sister-in-law praised: ‘fabulous’

The way a Reddit user dealt with his sister-in-law’s bad habit of gift-swapping has been cheered online.

In a post shared on May 19 on Reddit’s r/pettyrevenge subreddit, u/Frugal-Voyager explained that his nephew’s 13th birthday was special for more than one reason. Aside from being a milestone celebration, it was also the perfect opportunity to seek revenge.

He wrote: “[Sister-in-law] has had a habit of swapping name tags on the gifts with her cheap, last-minute finds since the gifts were opened when the extended guests had left.”

He is aware of this because a few years ago, she had claimed credit for a gift he had sent while he was out of town. He told Newsweek that he devised “a plan on the spot” to stop it.2

A stock image of a woman holding gifts. A woman has been caught out after swapping her cheap presents for those given by other people.

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“I guess, she doesn’t want other people’s gifts overshadow hers,” he told Newsweek.

The man asked his neighbor to deliver a box with bright yellow wrapping and brag about how “lucky” he was to find a rare Star Wars LEGO set in front of the woman.

He wrote: “As expected, SIL decided to generously ‘help set up’ the gifts and the decorations. I caught her eyeing the box with the yellow wrapping, and before long, she ‘accidentally’ knocked over a few, quickly swapping the tags.

“After the party, [my] nephew eagerly tore into the presents. The look on SIL’s face made me wish we had some reality TV cameras set up for this, when nephew opened the box with the bright yellow wrapping with her name on it, out came a few packs of cigarettes and a box of contraceptives, with a post-it note reading: ‘HB! You’re a man now!'”

The Redditor told Newsweek that “euphoria” would be the only word to describe how he felt when he saw her face.

He concluded the post by stating: “SIL was speechless, and so were the rest of the family. She tried to play it off as a ‘prank’, and that she wanted nephew to be prepared for adulthood. She was red as a ripe tomato the rest of the night.”

Reddit Reacts

At the time of writing, the post had 8,500 upvotes and the top comment had 3,200.

It said: “If you ever do this again, include nothing but a piece of paper that says ‘I have been swapping gifts with people for years and have never actually bought anything of value.'”

Another wrote: “Ahhh the sweet sweet taste of revenge.”

“Extremely well played!” said a third commenter.

A fourth user said: “GOLD! Thank you for this gem of happiness and real hope for my own future gift-giving!”

“That is fabulous! Caught red-handed…hope this makes her think about this day before ever switching tags sgain! Your neighbor is a wonderful co-conspirator!” praised a fifth user.

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