Dog’s unusual sleeping position leaves internet in stitches: “Screaming”

Dogs will do anything to get comfortable—nesting on the couch, their bed, or even yours. But one owner has left the internet in stitches by showing the unusual way his pup likes to relax and get comfortable.

Connor Bromilow, 29, shared the hilarious clip of his dog Reggie on TikTok (@connorbromilow) that showed the Irish setter lying on his back inside his crate with his hind legs stretched up in the air.

While Reggie’s intriguing antics often surprise his owner, this certainly left Bromilow, from Liverpool, England, staggered. He couldn’t resist capturing the moment, telling Newsweek that he’d “never seen Reggie do that” before and he couldn’t believe what he was seeing.

Since the clip was shared on TikTok, it has already been viewed over 129,000 times and gained more than 10,700 likes in a matter of days.

Bromilow said: “Reggie was lying on his back in his crate with his legs stretched out in the air, and he was fast asleep the whole time. I found it hilarious, but he hasn’t done it again since that time.

“Most people on social media also found it really funny, and they agreed that Reggie is clearly loving life.”

Connor Bromilow captured how his dog was lying on his back with his legs in the air. Reggie stayed in that position for 40 minutes before finally rolling over.

@connorbromilow / TikTok

There’s no doubt that Reggie looked very comfortable, so it’s unsurprising that he remained in that position for around 40 minutes in total. Anything to get that much-needed sleep.

As dogs spend an estimated 50 percent of their day sleeping, according to PetMD, and another 30 percent loafing around, they certainly must ensure they’re comfortable at all times.

A dog’s sleeping position can tell a lot about its nature and how it’s feeling at the time. For example, a dog lying on its back with its legs outstretched usually signals that the dog is playful and loving or that it’s still a puppy.

This position doesn’t suit all dogs, though. PetMD notes that as dogs get older, they might switch to another sleeping position instead, as the belly-up position can put pressure on the spine.

How Did TikTok React?

Alongside the video showing Reggie’s unusual sleeping position, Bromilow joked in the caption that he must definitely be “living his best life.”

However, some commentors questioned why Reggie is sleeping in a crate, to which Bromilow explained that crate training has been really helpful for him and Reggie, and it’s not used as a punishment.

Having the crate allows the pup to have a space of his own where he can stretch out and get comfy—and he isn’t afraid of doing that.

Plenty of TikTok users loved seeing Reggie’s antics in the video, leading to more than 320 comments on the post already. One comment reads: “Screaming.”

Another person joked: “getting his stretches in.”

While another TikToker responded: “man’s had a hard day let him chill out.”

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