High-energy dog’s face after mountain run and beach walk: “What’s next?”

Hoping a day filled with outdoor activities would tire out her dog, an owner was instead confronted with a canine yearning for more.

Australian cattle dogs, also known as blue or red heelers, are known for their herding instincts, intelligence and “boundless energy,” as the American Kennel Club described. Blue heelers excel with active families. They make great running partners. But if the activities or challenges diminish, these dogs might become bored and get into mischief.

For TikTok user and owner @lauritapitaya, her blue heeler wasn’t getting himself in trouble. He instead showed how ready he was for another activity in a May 11 TikTok video. He stood in the doorway, glaring at her with the happiest smile.

The smile meant two things: He was thrilled they finished a two-hour beach walk followed by sprints up a mountain, and that he was ready for more. One would think all that activity would tire a dog out, but not this blue heeler. He looked at her like, “What’s next?”

Screenshots from a May 11 TikTok video of a blue heeler happily looking at his owner. He was ready for more activities after a two-hour walk and running up a mountain.


This dog didn’t skip a beat while staring down his owner. At least it wasn’t a mean stare. His eyes were full of hope for a new adventure that day, as well as thankfulness for the beach and mountains he gets to explore.

When asked if she found a way to tire him out yet, the owner told Newsweek she’s still working on it.

The American Kennel Club encourages cattle dog owners to include work, sport or regular exercise to keep them mentally and physically fit. To help tire out your high-energy pup, try letting them lead the walk with their nose. This is an easy and natural activity for dogs that will give them mental stimulation and engage their powerful sense of smell.

Owners could also introduce dog treat puzzles or frozen food dishes as problem-solving enrichment activities.

‘Warm Up Done’

As of Friday, the clip amassed over 230,300 views, 35,100 likes and nearly 300 comments.

“Warm up done, let’s heard some cattle cross country,” joked one viewer.

Another commented: “It’s like he’s saying, ‘What’s next on the activities list?'”

And as if the “cats are greater than dogs” debate needed even more fuel to the fire, a user wrote: “This is why I can only have cats. We be on that couch.”

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