Jeremy Renner shares major health update one year after snowplow accident

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Jeremy Renner shared a major update on his health after his snowplow accident — sharing that he’s “feeling pretty great.”

“I’m feeling pretty great. I’m feeling pretty strong. Starting the season this year at the beginning of the year was a little dicey, strength-wise, but by the end of it, usually you’re pretty shattered energy-wise, but I feel pretty strong,” Renner shared in an interview with Good Morning America on Wednesday, May 22.

Over a year following his harrowing January 2023 accident, this update emerges. During the incident at his property in Nevada, a staggering 14,000-pound snowplow ran over him, causing fractures to over 30 bones and inflicting severe chest trauma.

Jeremy Renner is seen walking in Soho on May 23, 2024 in New York City. Renner recently shared a major update regarding his health.

Raymond Hall/GC Images

During the 911 call amid the incident, his neighbor urgently said, “Someone’s in front of my house on the ground. He got run over by a snowcat. He’s been crushed!,” which was obtained by Business Insider.

Although it was a serious injury, Renner didn’t waste any time getting back on his feet. Almost one year later, he returned to his role in Mayor of Kingstown.

“I had to cross the threshold of like, “Do I want to tell fictional stories?” Renner shared. “I’m worried about real life, putting a foot in front of another to walk, right? So once I crossed that … the production was really great. I had to physically and emotionally lean on the cast and crew to get through the days. They compensated with scheduling and stuff, so I could get stronger.”

The Avengers star additionally disclosed that he is currently in the process of book a book, delving into greater detail about the accident. “It’s something pretty healing [and] cathartic for me, things to unpack throughout the near-death experience, and life and death, and all things recovery and things learned throughout that process,” he shared.