Land Rover Is About to Start Building Range Rovers Outside the U.K. For the First Time

Range Rovers Will Soon Be Built Outside the U.K.JAGUAR LAND ROVER

Jaguar Land Rover has been owned by the Indian mega-conglomerate Tata since 2008, but it’s still surprising that only now is the rather fantastic new Range Rover starting local production over there. Range Rovers are set to start rolling off the line of Tata’s Pune plant imminently.

The assembly is expected to begin as soon as next month, as EVO India reports, and India’s Business Today notes that deliveries of the locally-made Range Rovers are to begin “immediately.” Locally-made Range Rover Sports are to come in August, per Business Today.

So why is production only happening now? Well, JLR has been running this plant since 2011 to build making other models, so it’s not just a matter of there suddenly being a place to manufacture Range Rovers.

More pertinent is that Range Rover sales have been skyrocketing in India, on a “160% surge in Range Rover retail sales in India for the current fiscal year,” reports Business Today. The idea is to bring costs and wait times down, with prices for these models in India dropping as well.

It’s a remarkable turn for Range Rover, which up until now has always built its iconic vehicles in the United Kingdom — and a real sign of how production in the auto industry continues to go global in new ways.

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