Le Pen: French far-right government team ready

France’s far-right nationalist National Rally (RN) has a team of ministers already in place and is poised to take over government, according to its former leader Marine Le Pen.

“This government will be complete, it will be competent, it will be made up of people from the National Rally, people who fought the election campaign with us and people from civil society,” Le Pen told the France Inter public broadcaster in an interview on Tuesday.

The 55-year-old nationalist politician was responding to claims that her party does not have enough suitable personnel to govern.

Le Pen said she did not want to take part in a government herself but was ready to take over the chair of the parliamentary group in the National Assembly.

The RN wants to govern with a clear majority in parliament, Le Pen said. “We cannot accept going into government if we cannot act,” she stressed. “We want to govern so that things are clear.”

If there were not enough seats for a majority, her party would persuade conservative lawmakers and other parties to join the government, Le Pen said.

She accused President Emmanuel Macron of trying to block the RN in next Sunday’s run-off election by strategically withdrawing candidates in constituencies.

Macron “is doing everything he can today to try to thwart the democratic process,” Le Pen said.

Following the snap parliamentary poll, Le Pen is hoping for an early presidential election “as soon as possible” in order to push ahead with the political reorganization her party is striving for.

Should Macron resign, the RN “will enter this presidential battle with great enthusiasm,” she said. The next presidential election is not scheduled until 2027.

Le Pen said she needs the legitimacy of a presidential election to push through certain laws, apparently referring to her call to ban headscarves in public and impose fines for violations.

The RN leader went on to say she would exclude people with dual nationality from certain public functions and privatize public broadcasting if she came to power: “We are of the opinion that the state should not have control over part of the media in a large democracy.”

In the first round of the parliamentary elections at the weekend, the RN gave the strongest showing, ahead of a new left-wing alliance, with Macron’s centrist camp in third place.

However, the composition of the National Assembly will only be decided in the decisive second round of voting on Sunday.

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