Mansoor and Mason Madden Fundraiser Results In Six Months Of Food For SGW Uganda

Mansoor has posted the details of the fundraiser MxM put on for Soft Ground Wrestling Uganda, and it sounds like a big success.

The former WWE star helped raise of $28,000 for the promotion, which have gone viral recently. They wrestle in a ring made from mud in a field in Uganda, and have wowed fans with their outrageous gimmicks and unbridled passion for the sport.

Mansoor and Mason Madden even appeared in Uganda for the promotion. They flew over on their own dime last month, becoming the first major American stars to appear for the grassroots promotion.

This is where they decided to start their fundraiser, to which Mansoor has provided the details of. They sold t-shirts in order to raise funds to help feed them in order to help continue their wrestling dream. He and Madden also did a Twitch livestream that generated the funds needed to purchase the food. Big stars like AEW’s Will Ospreay have also expressed wanting to appear in the company in the future.

The former WWE Superstar took to Twitter to thank those who donated to the cause. He confirmed that SGW had received a shipment of food that should feed them for six months. This shipment included sugar, beans, maize flour, sunflower oil and milk.

“Thanks to everyone who generously contributed towards the fundraiser, @SGWug has just received a shipment of food that will keep them fed for nearly 6 months!”

SGW posted a video after receiving the shipment, thanking everyone for their donations. They broke out into chants of “SGW!” before helping unload the food from the lorry it was brought in.

The official SGW Twitter account posted the video, and the following caption:

@SGWug crew members thank all the fundraisers for the donation of food that shall take them up to 6 months. @suavemansoor and @GREATBLACKOTAKU for their efforts. All the crew we excited upon receipt of the food in large quantities.”

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