NYT “Connections” clues Friday, May 24: Answers and hints for puzzle #348

Move over Wordle; there is a new word-puzzle game in town.

It was only released in June 2023, but Connections is already the The New York Times second-most-played game after Wordle. Here is everything you need to know about the viral hit, along with some hints for today’s brainteaser.

How to Play ‘Connections’

The premise of the game is simple enough. Players are given a list of 16 words, which they must place into four groups based on association.

For example, one of yesterday’s groupings consisted of the words “exploit,” “leverage,” “milk” and “use,” with the answer being “taken advantage of.” Each category is labeled by a color: either yellow, blue, green or purple.

A young man holds a cellphone and cheers after winning a game. “Connections” is “The New York Times” second-most-popular game after “Wordle.”

Mirel Kipioro/iStock/Getty Images Plus

The uniting themes span a wide range of topics, from books to body parts. Once you have figured out one group, those words are removed from the board. However, players get only four guesses. Each incorrect guess adds to your mistake tally, and after four wrong answers, it’s game over.

If you get stuck, don’t fret. There is an option to “shuffle,” which moves the words around the board. Connections creator Wyna Liu said the words are placed in an order that deliberately misleads the player, so shuffling the words can help users to see them in a different light or spot connections that were not initially obvious.

If that doesn’t work, then Newsweek is here to help. Read on for our daily list of hints to help you to find the answers.

‘Connections’ #348 Clues for Friday, May 24

Here are a few clues to help you figure out today’s Connections categories.

Yellow: Helps to remove water.

Green: Eat your feelings.

Blue: Involves breaking things.

Purple: Be the change.

‘Connections’ #348 Answers for Friday, May 24

Here are the answers for today’s Connections categories.

Yellow: Conduits for Water Removal

Yellow Words: Drain, Duct, Pipe, Sewer.

Green: Food Products Associated With Sentimentality

Green words: Cheese, Corn, Sap, Schmaltz.

Blue: Things to Crack

Blue words: Eggs, Knuckles, Smile, Window.

Purple: Chump Change

Purple words: Chump, Climate, Loose, Sea.

Did you guess the answers? Don’t worry if not. You can always try again when Connections resets at midnight in your time zone. As usual, Newsweek will be back tomorrow with more clues to help you work out the categories, so check back if you are struggling.

If you can’t wait, why not give these other popular word-puzzle games a go? Or, try your hand at today’s Wordle puzzle, which we have also put together some helpful hints for.