Texas GOP Official Begs Party to Stop Focusing on Abortion

Still, Republican officials are continuing to milk the issue, proposing increasingly cruel ways to punish medical providers and women for giving or receiving reproductive care. Last month, leaked video footage captured Hood County GOP officials at a meeting supporting the death penalty for women and minors who seek abortion or even in vitro fertilization treatments.

It’s those kinds of initiatives, according to Bayegan, that serve as the metaphorical end of the road for voters. “One of my colleagues was in the health … committee. There was a guy in there saying ‘Make morning-after pills illegal, and prosecute anybody who uses them for murder.’ Murder?” mocked Bayegan. “What are we going to do, stone women next?”

But Republican attendees at the conference wouldn’t hear it. Instead, one man asked if she believed a “child in the womb was a human being,” while another man pressed Bayegan on her religious beliefs, asking if it mattered “what God believes in us” or if it only matters to win elections.

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