Top Five Absurd Republican Reactions to Trump’s Guilty Verdict

After Donald Trump was found guilty of 34 felony counts in his hush-money trial Thursday, Republicans threw a fit. Old criticisms of Trump were immediately forgotten, and full-throated defenses of the first president to be convicted of a crime began.

Former Representative Justin Amash, one of the few conservatives who supported Trump’s impeachment over the Ukraine scandal during his presidency, surprisingly came out swinging, calling the verdict “an affront to the rule of law.” Amash probably seeks to get more Republican support for his run for the Senate in Michigan.

Senator Marco Rubio, who Trump derisively called “little Marco” during the 2016 presidential elections, said that “Biden leftists in New York made a mockery of our criminal justice system,” and predicted Trump would win anyway.

Tweet Screenshot Marco Rubio

Senator J.D. Vance, a Trump V.P. contender and one of the first Republican politicians to react to the news, called the verdict “election interference.”

Tweet Screenshot J.D. Vance

Hours after the verdict was delivered, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell saw fit to chime in.

Tweet Screenshot Mitch McConnell

And, in a case of poor timing, Senator Chuck Grassley tweeted out a picture of himself enjoying ice cream not long after the verdict.

Tweet screenshot Chuck Grassley eating ice cream

(More than an hour later, he condemned the verdict and said he expected it to be overturned.)

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