Watch Thieves Ambush Dodge Hellcat In Owner’s Driveway

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Watch Thieves Ambush Dodge Hellcat In Owner’s Driveway

Watch Thieves Ambush Dodge Hellcat In Owner’s Driveway

Scary surveillance video footage of an attempted carjacking with the target being a Dodge Charger Hellcat shows just how far things have slid recently. It used to be we only saw this kind of footage out of Brazil and other foreign countries with serious crime issues. Now it’s becoming common in the US.

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In the footage, which we’ve shared, you see the Hellcat pull up in the driveway, presumably to pull into the garage. But before the owner can do that a black Camaro tries blocking his backward escape while another guy gets out of a parked GMC Sierra in front of the next house.

As the Camaro moves in closer to block the Hellcat as the owner tries to reverse and escape the trap, the guy from the truck shines a flashlight which might be attached to a firearm. Some believe this accomplice fired at least one round as the Camaro and Hellcat contacted each other, the Mopar pushing its way to freedom.

As the Camaro pulls out into the street, another Charger shows up, so these thieves likely had three vehicles coordinating the carjacking. This is a common tactic, to keep another vehicle in reserve and unseen while others try cornering a victim.

Thankfully this Hellcat owner stayed aware and got out of there quickly, although he was a little slow on the uptake at first likely because of shock. We share this video not to criticize him but to educate others. If someone pulls into your driveway like this after you pull in, don’t hesitate just get out of there and fast.

These types of calculated carjacking traps at owners’ houses are becoming increasingly common, so always be looking around you as you leave and arrive at your home.

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